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Golda Atmosphere Mists

Golda Atmosphere Mists

$20.00    Member Price: $18.00

Produced in Topanga Canyon, California by Cue Studio
These sprays are uplifting, antibacterial, linen refresher & bug repellent

Golda Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist
The spray has a unique citrusy, cedar-like fragrance with purifying, uplifting, and stimulating effects.  
Ingredients:  Aomori Hiba oil and distilled water
Available in the 1.76 oz and 8 oz

Golda Topanga Love Atmosphere Mist
Geranium, lemongrass, and grapefruit essential oils add a citrusy burst that perfectly accentuates the cedar-like fragrance of Hiba essential oil.  Lemongrass and geranium essential oils can promote relaxation.
Available in 1.76 oz

Golda Mist for Dogs
This is similar to the Hiba wood mist, but Frankincense is added.  Frankincense is a popular choice for dog owners due to its ability to promote relaxation and slow breathing during times of stress.  
Available in 1.76 oz

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