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Andrew Bird: Are You Serious Deluxe LP set

Andrew Bird: Are You Serious Deluxe LP set

$70.00 $124.00    Member Price: $63.00

Are You Serious – Andrew Bird Store Exclusive Box Set. Designed by Brian Roettinger with art work by John Baldessari.

Custom linen box includes
– Exclusive deluxe LP folding sleeve package
– Exclusive 10” “Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized” as well as deluxe LP and “Shoulder Mountain” 7”
– 64 page 12“x12” full color booklet with John Baldessari art representing each track
– 7×3 bumper sticker
– Series of pre-order instant gratification tracks as MP3 downloads, starting with “Capsized” immediately

Track List:
12” Side A

  1. Capsized
  2. Roma Fade
  3. Truth Lies Low
  4. Puma
  5. Chemical Switches
12” Side B
  1. Left Handed Kisses
  2. Are You Serious
  3. Saints Preservus
  4. The New Saint Jude
  5. Valleys Of The Young
  6. Bellevue
10” Side A
  1. Trimmed and Burning
  2. Venetian Bedmaker
  3. Dying Beds
10” Side B
  1. Jackson Bedmaker
  2. Capsized – Sound City Version
7” Side A
  1. Shoulder Mountain
7” Side B
  1. Pulaski

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