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The Best of Keren Cytter/The Worst of Keren Cytter (2 volumes)

The Best of Keren Cytter/The Worst of Keren Cytter (2 volumes)

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By Naomi Beckwith, 

Filmmaker, photographer, novelist, poet and performer, Keren Cytter is a creative powerhouse and one of the most dynamic multidisciplinary artists of her generation.  Best known for her video works, Cytter pens narratives and pared-down production techniques.  Working quickly, with limited resources, she relies on the familiar tropes of narrative cinema to draw viewers into her films.  Then, through a cinematic sleight of hand, she dramatically upends those same conventions, encouraging her viewers to consider the artifice behind each of her films while laughing along at the absurdity of her characters' antics.  Ultimately, her most successful works exude an effortless, DIY charm that muddles the distinction between culture and kitsch, authenticity and affectation.

The artist invited the curators to read and categorize each of her scripts.  After much discussion the curators distinguish the best scripts and the worst scripts which created this two volume set.

Published by Kunsthal Charlottenborg & The MCA Chicago, 2015
Softcover, Vol 1 648 pages, Vol 2 502 pages
Dimensions: each volume is 11 x 7 1/4 inches (27.94 x 19.05 cm)

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