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Vase with Lip by Cecile Daladier

Vase with Lip by Cecile Daladier

$275.00    Member Price: $247.50

Bouquetieres, Tulipiers, Pique-fleurs and Other Vessels...

Cecile Daladier's artistic work focuses on nature, plants, and water. It includes paintings, sculptures, land art, installations, and gardens. She creates a wide range of ceramic vessels for plants and flowers. Her clay vessels are hand formed and wood-fired in her home-made kiln where they are smoked with fallen leaves and dry grass gathered around her studio in the Drome of Southern France.

When using these floral pieces: If a vessel is placed on a water sensitive or fragile surface, an intermediate protection should be used between the piece and the surface on which it is placed. Glazed and fired, the character of earthenware ceramic remains fairly porous especially when used on a regular basis. For the vessels and accompanying plants it is best to change the water regularly. Occasionally wash the vessel with a sponge and dish soap, and give the piece time to dry.

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