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Skinny Bonbon Woven Lamp

Skinny Bonbon Woven Lamp

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Made by Spiders & Birds

The Skinny Bonbon series is designed to function both as a floor or pendant lamp. The lampshade is triple woven with hand-painted paper covered with acrylic, making it both robust and light. The color pattern in the inside is yellow/orange to give it a nice, cozy light, while the outside is a nice color contrast combination of green, pink and blue.

High-quality watercolor paper, covered in acrylic paint and triple woven.
Handpainted wood components.
Dimensions: 28 x 8 x 8 inches (71.12 x 20.32 x 20.32 cm)

Lamp accessories:
A goodie bag of wooden beads and dowels that allow you to customize the look and height of the lamp.
8 foot colorful cloth covered electrical cord by The Color Cord Company
Hanging hardware
Instruction manual
60W soft white bulb (recommended)

Spiders & Birds also makes custom colorways.  Please contact Kim O'Grady



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