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Hurray Today 2022 Calendar by Clare Crespo

Hurray Today 2022 Calendar by Clare Crespo

$45.00    Member Price: $40.50

The Hurray Today calendar is a celebration of the seasons and brings joy to the walls of homes all year long. Clare does a set of twelve large drawings of food with a common theme and prints them on beautiful paper with hand written typography (noting holidays) and sends them to happy customers all over the world.  Each year she chooses a subject that revolves around food.  2022 celebrates all things beverages!

Clare Crespo is a self-defined "Fantasist" who creates yummy fun in Los Angeles.

Consists of 13 posters that are clipped together and can hang on a wall.
Dimensions: 27 x 13 inches (68.58 x 33.02) 

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