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100 Circles Hoop Earrings by Lingua Nigra

100 Circles Hoop Earrings by Lingua Nigra

$118.00    Member Price: $106.20

Delicately textured circles surround themselves into a lightweight gold hoop. Created by hand in brass, then cast. This earring is a true beauty.

Lingua Nigra (Latin, n. - def. Black Tongue) is the vision of artist Alicia Goodwin. The work is inspired by nature, with a focus on ancient talismans, Victorian era work and mourning sentimental jewelry. Made of brass, silver and gold, Lingua Nigra is meant to evoke a timeless feeling that can be worn every day, because this form of art should be shared by wearing.

2 inch (5 cm) drop
Brass casting
22kt gold plate
Sterling ear wire

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