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Pocket Square Clothing Necktie

Pocket Square Clothing Necktie

$35.00    Member Price: $31.50

Pocket Square Clothing was established in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand. With no formal fashion training, founders Rodolfo and Andrew sought out to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing - starting with the bow tie. Now, their collection features menswear staples, a plethora of accessories, and Made to Measure suiting and shirting. The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban Gentleman. This is their effort to tell a story, to inspire and be inspired, and to create a powerful connection through timeless pieces.

Pocket Square Clothing takes pride in its domestic manufacturing and attention to detail. Using traditional techniques, everything is carefully handcrafted by some of the oldest remaining craftsmen in the heart of Los Angeles. The brand follows the mantra that American made is better, and that quality and attention to detail is key.

The Beverly tie: Linen, Blush Pink, Yellow Stripe


Width: 2 3/4″
Length: 57″


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