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Three Union Shop Zine Vol. 2

Three Union Shop Zine Vol. 2

$10.00    Member Price: $9.00

Until its doors closed on December 31, 2012, the family-run Colby Poster Printing Company made the letter-pressed signs, posters, billboards and showcards that were a ubiquitous feature of the visual landscape of Los Angeles. For three generations, promoters of boxing bouts, rodeos, reggae concerts and literary-minded visual artists were drawn to the swift graphic science of the day-glo poster, its essential purpose to quickly and efficiently convey information to viewers zooming along the autoscape, and to the durability of the product, hanging on telephone poles and chainlink fences from Venice to Las Vegas for months and years after the commission. 

Collected and printed by Susanne Melanie Berry in two volumes and bound with neon thread, this zine contains scans of archival material and photos taken for the MOCAtv documentary, 3 Union Shop.

Edition of 100

Price: $10.00
Member Price: $9.00

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