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Marnie Weber: The Spirit Girls Forever Free CD

Marnie Weber: The Spirit Girls Forever Free CD

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Originally conceived as a rock opera "The Spirit Girls: Songs That Never Die," Los Angeles artist Marnie Weber decided to expand her concept to a separate avant-garde musical group. For this project, she recruited notable musicians such as Dani Hull (vocals, guitar), Tamara Sussman (vocals), Tanya Haden (vocals, cello), and Debbie Spinelli (drums, percussion), who have all become active members of the Spirit Girls. With faces hidden by white masks reminiscent of Noh drama and bodies dressed in feminine frocks, white socks and Mary Janes, the Spirit Girls embark on a fairytale-like journey in the search for a place to perform their songs and tell their stories. 



Trackwerx / End Is Here Records


Duration: 54 min




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