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Stanley Edmonson: Ceramic Sculptures

Stanley Edmonson: Ceramic Sculptures

$175.00    Member Price: $157.50

L.A. based boutique retail and gallery venue, South Willard brings you original one-of-a-kind handmade ceramic clay sculptures by Stanley Edmonson. Each piece is composed of clay that Edmonson formulates himself, fired in small carefully controlled batches. No two sculptures are alike, and feature distinct color elements that enhance the playful nature of Edmonson's clay forms.   

These objects are best situated on a desktop or dedicated shelving. Familiar and abstract, Edmonson's pieces represent the scale of the human hand, beach rubble, birds, or table top tools. His playful manipulation of clay asks us to free-associate objects and their meanings, an intimate exchange without fixed definitions. 

BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vertical Twin Peaks With Black Tip (height 6"x length 5"x base 4"_2.8 lbs.); Vertical Concave Center With Dark Blue Bottom (height  6"x length 4"x base 3"_1.8 lbs.); Triangular With Red Stripe Face (height 6"x length 4.5"x base 5"_2.2 lbs.)

FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Little Flat Green Three Holes (height 3"x length 6"x base 2"_13 oz.); Three Holes With Red Fleck (height 6"x length 4"x base 3.5"_1.6 lbs.); Flip Wing With Light Blue Tip (height 5"x length 6"x base 4"_1.8 lbs.)

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