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ROA: An Introduction to Animal Representation

ROA: An Introduction to Animal Representation

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ROA is a nomadic artist traveling through the world which let’s him be totally immersed through his journeys with the native animal kingdom. The mural paintings of ROA illustrates a creative biological research about animal species in their lost habitats all over the World. He often offers an indirect comment to a current global tendency by trying to interact (through the depiction of native animals from the place) with the most territory obsessive mammal; human.

The book chronicles ROA’s art around the world by 3 recurrent themes of his murals last year; through photographs, sketches, and reference material. the book offers an insight into the creative mind of the artist. The book represents the ROA work as an unique edition of 500. Each book is hand bound, including two fold out screen prints of ROA, a Bird dissection and lots more… which infuse each book with an unique life.

Publisher: Mammal Press

Signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition of 500

Regular Price: $150.00
Member Price: $135.00

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