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REVOK and Angel Cabada: Nocturne

REVOK and Angel Cabada: Nocturne

$100.00    Member Price: $90.00

Intersecting at the crossroads of skateboarding and graffiti, street art icon, REVOK, and celebrated designer, Angel Cabada, collaborated on a limited two-book that premiered during the Art In The Streets exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Inspired by the underground activities of skateboarders and street artists, Nocturne looks behind the curtain, exposing a world of nightlife and criminal mischief through compelling imagery and candid photography.

With only 150 units printed, Nocturne is a two book, softbound collection including large and medium format posters, newsprint photo collages and a wool ski mask packaged in a custom bound box.

Edition of 150; signed.

Regular price: $100.00
Member price: $90.00


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