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Perfect Reject by Nina Salerno

Perfect Reject by Nina Salerno

$99.00    Member Price: $89.10

PERFECT REJECT® was founded by Los Angles, California artist Nina Salerno. One day in her studio back in 2011, she began to experiment with a stuffed animal she had found on the sidewalk that had fallen apart. As she tore at it and began to put it back together, she realized how tender and vulnerable this little, rejected toy was becoming. Despite undergoing a natural and forced process of aging, it gained a powerful appeal as it came into its new self. As she puts it, “It was like all its vulnerability came to life and called out: I’m a perfect little reject!” And so, PERFECT REJECT® was born.

The piece resonated with several people, and Nina received many offers to buy her first creation and requests to build new ones. Her friends told her that PERFECT REJECT® expresses that there can be value in something, even if it has been abandoned, and even if it’s not quite perfect. In 2012, Nina began offering hand-made, limited edition Perfect Rejects for sale at museums and art shows all over Los Angeles, and then later through her web site. Each PERFECT REJECT® is 100% recycled.

Disclaimer: Perfect Reject® toys (one-of-a kind) do not meet the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

DACHSHUND .2LBS / 8.5"x 8"x 12"

LION .2LBS / 6.5"x 6.5"x 12"

GIRAFFE 1.2LBS / 6"x 8.5"x 12"

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