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Elad Lassry On Onions - SIGNED

Elad Lassry On Onions - SIGNED

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On Onions is a photographic study of onions by Israeli-born artist Elad Lassry (born 1977). Characteristically highlighting the spectrum of hues and shapes for the vegetable, Lassry's selected taxonomy includes sections on red, yellow and white onions, each of which possesses its own distinct taste and benefits. On Onions is Lassry's first artist's book, and the work will exist only in book form; it is at once wry, refreshing and disorienting in its biology workbook style, which makes fruitful use of "the confusion that results when there is something just slightly wrong in a photograph" (as the artist has described his practice in general). Composed by the artist and arranged by Stuart Bailey, the book includes an essay written by Angie Keefer about the effects of sliced onions on human tear ducts

Publisher: Primary Information
Paperback/240 pages/7.4" x 5.4"/13.4 ounces

These copies were boldly signed by the artist during an event inside the MOCA Store.
Limited quantities available.


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